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Desde: 16/Ago/2015


Miss Paraguay, Stephania Vasquez Stegman was crowned Miss Supranational 2015 at the grand finale held in Poland. The other winners include, 1st runner up Miss Supranational 2015 - Miss Canada, 2nd runner up Miss Supranational 2015 - Miss Columbia, 3rd runner up Miss Supranational 2015 - Miss Iceland, 4th runner up Miss Supranational 2015 - Miss Mexico. Miss Supranational 2014, Asha Bhat crowned Stephanie Vasquez Stegman as the new Miss Supranational 2015.

The pageant also crowned each continent winners. Miss Panama won the Most beautiful from North & South America title. Miss Africa was Miss Rwanda, Miss India Supranational 2015, Aafreen Vaz won the Miss Asia & Oceania title & also received a whopping cash prize of 1000 USD, Slovak Republic won the title of Miss Europe.

A beaming Aafreen expressed, "It was a privilege to represent India at such a prestigious international pageant and I am honored to win the title Miss Supranational 2015 Asia and Oceania for my country. I am grateful to Miss India Organization for providing me this opportunity and preparing me in the best possible way for this international pageant. I am also thankful to my parents, friends and all supporters who stood by me throughout my journey during this pageant."

Along with the prestigious crown the contestants also competed for the various sub contests. The winners of the Miss Supranational 2015 sub contests are as follows.

The winner of Best National Costume is Miss Indonesia. In top 3 there also are: Malaysia and Curacao. The top 10: Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Dominican Rep., England, India, Kenya, Paraguay.

The winner of Top Model is Miss Colombia. In top 3 there also are: Poland and Dominican Rep. The top 10: India, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Rwanda, Slovak Rep.

The winner of Best Evening Dress is Miss Myanmar. In top 3 there also are: Philippines and Vietnam. The top 10: Canada, Chile, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Trinidad & Tobago and United States.

The winner of Best Body is Miss Panama. In top 3 there are: Czech and Slovak Republics. The top 10: Australia, Colombia, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Paraguay.

All the contestants chose their best contestant among all for Miss Friendship title. The winner is Miss Mauritius, and in top 3 there are: Australia and Wales.

The 7th edition of Miss Supranational pageant was held at the Sports Hall in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. wherein over 80 contestants from all across the globe participated in this year's pageant.

Congratulations to all the gorgeous winners.

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