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Colombiano quema Imagen de la nueva Miss Universe 2015



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Desde: 16/Ago/2015


"ante el fiasco cometido en los resultados de Miss Universe 2015", segun ellos

The Miss Universe 2015 fiasco continues to spread as a video of a Colombian burning a Pia Wurtzbach and a Steve Harvey dummy on New Year’s Eve has gone viral on Facebook, Saturday, sparking frenzy in the online Filipino community.

Taken by Noider Almanza Barraza on January 1, 2016, the video depicts the Colombian setting fire to a dummy dressed in blue with a made-up crown, and Philippines sash, alongside Harvey’s dummy dressed in a tuxedo.

Photos of the Colombian with the life-sized stuffed dummies were also posted on his Facebook page, baring the face of Wurtzbach and Harvey.

image: http://www.mb.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Pia-Wurtzbach-hate2.jpg

Pia Wurtzbach and Steve Harvey mannequins brought to the street prior to being burned.(Photo courtesy of Noider Almanza Barraza via Facebook)

Pia Wurtzbach and Steve Harvey effigies brought to the street prior to being burned. (Photo courtesy of Noider Almanza Barraza via Facebook)

The effigies were allegedly burned due to the mix-up of winners in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant held in Las Vegas late December, where Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was mistakenly crowned as Miss Universe, before host Harvey admitted the gaffe, transferring the crown and title to Miss Philippines.

Harvey has already apologized to both candidates after the show, and even now-reigning Miss Universe has already called for peace between supporters of both countries as the year 2015 ended. However, enraged fans still continue to spread hate online, while the Miss Universe supporters come together to defend the “rightful” owner of the crown.

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According to 123 New Year, the Colombian tradition called Burn Año Nuevo is the process of burning an effigy in the name of the Old Year (Año Nuevo) once the clock strikes twelve. People write their faults, or any feared bad luck on a piece of paper and throw it in the burning effigy. Doing so ensures liberty from all past troubles, sins, and mistakes, as well as bad luck.

While there are beliefs that the dummies were burned to “drive away bad luck” brought by Gutierrez’s loss, netizens are still dismayed by the act, some trying to understand the “tradition”, while others are just downright offended by the video.

In the video shared by Senyora Santibañez onFacebook, Filipinos voiced out their opinion, with Rozzette Anne Diamos Reyes trying to explain the situation, saying “Tradition daw yan sakanila. Di ko din gets pero it’s called burning the effigies daw. At kapag sinunog ka e malaking honor daw yun. Please search nalang din before magcomment ng masama. Magkakaiba talaga ng traditions at customs ang mga tao na nakakapagdulot ng misunderstandings.”

Jhen Farrales Crea also commented “Hopefully maintindihan din ng iba na this is their way of letting go negativity and moving on for the upcoming years. Bitter nga si kuya eh kaya nya ginawa toh to let go. Wala tayong magagawa if di sila makamove-on. Sana walang mangbully sakanya just because hindi tayo sanay sa kanilang tradition.”

While Sheryl Cayarian also pointed out the possible cause of such actions, saying “Kahit sunugin naman nila o 1 million times nila gawin yan. Hindi na nila magagawang alisin ang korona ni Pia. Tsaka siguro kaya din nila nagagawa yan kasi baka may ilang Pilipino din ang unang nambully kay Miss Colombia.

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/viral-colombia[....]-new-years-eve/#fzhSriXBBFwfD6XQ.99
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