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Ali Landry ex-Miss USA 1996 ,Family Members Kidnapped, Murdered in Mexico

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Ali Landry and Husband

Actress Ali Landry (L) and husband director Alejandro Monteverde attend the premiere of Open Road Films' "Little Boy" at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on April 14, 2015Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

The father-in-law and brother-in-law of former Miss USA Ali Landry were found dead this past weekend in Veracruz, Mexico, after being kidnapped and held for ransom.

According to the Latin Times, Landry's father-in-law, Juan Manuel Gomez Fernandez, and her brother-in-law, Juan Manuel Gomez Monteverde — the father and brother of the star's husband, filmmaker Alejandro Gomez Monteverde — were discovered dead in the remote town of Pueblo Viejo this past Saturday, Sept. 19.

The victims were held hostage for 16 days after reportedly being kidnapped outside of their home on Sept. 4. That same day, a report was filed with the organized crime investigations division in Mexico City. According to Central European News, the two were found with critical head wounds.

Televisa reported that a ransom was paid for the pair's release, but the kidnappers ultimately reneged on their word.

While Landry, 42, and her husband, 38, have yet to release a statement about the tragic family news, Monteverde previously hinted at his father's profound influence in his life. Earlier this year, the acclaimed director of Little Boy shared a photo via Instagram of himself and his dad in a local restaurant.

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