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Certámenes De Belleza Internacionales!
Certámenes De Belleza Internacionales!
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Contestants of Miss International 2015, to be held on November 5, 2015 at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel Hiten Hall in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo : Facebook/Miss International 2015)

 55th Annual Miss International will be held on Nov. 5, at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan and 75 delegates are confirmed to partake in the contest.

Miss International remains the only pageant with no winner resigned or dethroned. The pageant is also called Miss International Beauty. Contestants are expected to serve as the ambassadors of peace and beauty demonstrating tenderness, benevolence, friendship, beauty, intelligence, ability to take action, and a great international sensibility.

You can watch Miss International 2015 live streaming telecast on UStream, and Playstation Network.  Miss International 2015 debuts are Ghana, Rwanda, and St. Lucia. This year's returns are Costa Rica, Denmark, Guam, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg. Northern Marianas, South Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uganda.

The objective of the Miss International beauty pageant is to encourage world peace, goodwill, and understanding. Valerie Hernandez of Puerto Rico will crown her successor at the end of the event in a new crown created and designed by Mikimoto, The Great Pageant Community reported.

The pageant was created in Long Beach, California, USA, in 1960 after the migration of the Miss Universe pageant to Miami Beach. Hosted in Long Beach until 1967, the pageant moved to Japan from 1968-1970, each year the contest was held in the Tokyo as the Expo '70. In 1971 and 1972, it was held in Long Beach again, but since that time it has been held yearly in Japan.

Miss International is one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world after Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth contests in terms of the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals and one of the most publicized beauty contests in the world. To see the full list of contestants, please visit the pageant's official website.

In addition, Miss International founded the Miss International Fund to help the underprivileged children of the world through charitable agencies such as UNICEF. It also supports the environmental conservation activities.

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